Django issue tracker


An issue tracker site with the following specification:


Issues can be added and the person who added the the issue is shown.

The issue has a text description, status and category, categories include:

1. bug

2. enhancements

3. documentation

Issues can be added and edited via Django admin.

Statistics about the average, longest and shortest time taken to solve the issues are shown in the header.

Categories are implemented in the database.

Django auth is used to implement a superuser who can change, add or edit any issues.

A staff account type (StaffUser in the model) can view issues but cannot edit or change anything.



Installation instructions

A virtualenv is required using python 3.6 along with all dependencies listed in requirements.txt

After activating your virtualenv dependencies can be installed with:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the server and accessing the app

Navigate to issuesite and run:

python runsever