no ethernet networking

not helpful but good for info

lshw -C network

sudo service network-manager restart



changed managed to true

changed it back

still no internet

lspci -nn | grep 0200

00:19.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection I217-V [8086:153b]

this did nothing

sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-generic

installed net-tools for ifconfig, why doesn't it have it by default?

it seems like it has the driver, that the driver works but that it just doesn't connect

upgrading ubuntu software packages to see if it helps

this seems to be the driver and this command checks it?

sudo modprobe e1000e

grep of log for adapter

dmesg | grep e100

log says it was renamed:

[    0.943644] e1000e 0000:00:19.0 eno1: renamed from eth0

this might be the cause of the problem?

tried manually setting ip, netmask dns for ip4 for the adapter, tells me it's connected, guess what it's not connected

ethernet adapter is called eno1 for some reason

downloading driver from intel for

Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection I217-V

got the info on that from running


sudo apt install ethtool

get info on adapter

ethtool adapter_name

e.g. ethtool eno1

I'm now somewhat convinced that this is a hardware problem that is possibly CPU related due to some other problems.

It is really intermittent though, in using Fedora the same computer has no problems with the network adapter. Like Ubuntu however the sound doesn't work for headphones which is a whole other annoying Gnome3 thing.

Posted @ 2019-02-28 13:07