A Gödel tribute page made on codepen as practice and as part of a freecodecamp tutorial.


Web page that allows users to search for Wikipedia articles and displays the results with title and brief description.

The Wikipedia API is used to get the results which are displayed on a very minimalistic page.

All links open in a new tab.

A random Wikipedia page can also be opened.


Made as part of free code camp front end projects.

Plays an audio sound when the work or play time is done. The sound does not work on CodePen as it depends on a local audio file.


Pricing service keeps track of product prices on an external website and emails users via mail-gun API when a specified price point is reached.


Quizzer is a small desktop application that reads an SQLite database of countries and then asks what the capital of a randomly chosen country is.

It presents this in the form of a multiple choice question with one correct answer and three incorrect answers.

This is a webapp version of an earlier Tkinter project which does the same.


A generic eCommerce site site with call to action, user accounts and payment processing using stripe API.


A todo list made using django and following TDD principles.

It features custom passwordless authorisation.

This project is me following the book TDD with Python Link to book and

repository of that book here, by chapters here.


Wiki-goo is a mash up of the Wikipedia and google maps APIs. Given an address it returns a marker for that address and Wikipedia articles related to that area so you can discover interesting things connected to that area.

Bootstrap has been used for basic styling and Bootstrap Toggle toggle for sliding buttons.


This project was for a client with a large amount of Flickr data and photos that wanted to transition to a new custom site.

Transferred over 15,000 pictures and all data from Flickr via Flickr API. Making over 100,000 API calls for EXIF, album and photo data. The client was mainly interested in preserving tag and album data.

Built a photo site from scratch implementing a database schema for the data and a file structure for photos. Development was iterative with feedback from the client at each stage influencing the next.

Made a new complete tagging system that allows spaces and special characters which uses the existing tag data from the API data.

The site allows new content to be added and uses React via an API for uploading and selecting content.

Deployed the site and all content via SSH to a VPS running Ubuntu Linux which serves the site using Nginx and Gunicorn, the site is also secured with SSL.