The analysis are in jupyter notebooks, if you click on either of them above github should render the output for them.

Multi bat species cohabitation at roost sites was explored. Bat species abundance counts were grouped and then clustering based on derived statistical values using the k-means algorithm. Silhouette analysis was used to judge clustering quality. This was then compared to actual cohabitation counts at roost sites.

Chisquared test was used to determine if the differences between roost and hibernation abundance is significant.


The async web app messaging service found in static-server

Messages can be posted by multiple clients the page will then automatically update for all clients.

The messages are stored on a Mongodb database on mLab.

Made as part of a course.


A Tictactoe game where you play either an AI or a human then guess if your opponent was human of AI.

This was made as part of a course called full stack react.

I used yarn for dependency management.


Allows for searching for videos with instant search.

Five results are returned, each can be clicked on and will load in the main area to watch.

These are displayed as embedded videos. Which can be useful for getting around YouTube restrictions.

This was part of a course for learning react and react router.